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Blazing Fast Internet and VOIP from Viasat's Exede in Alpena, MI

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Satellite Internet and VOIP from Viasat's Exede is available for you! Contact TruMedia located in Alpena, MI

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Blazing Fast Internet and VOIP from Viasat's Exede in Alpena, MI

Exede from TruMedia, Alpena, MI

Exede from TruMedia is the newest satellite internet provider for rural areas. It is ViaSat's latest technology in satellite internet services, with results that exceed those of other providers. Download HD films with greater clarity, as well manage the transmission of more sizable pictures and faster e-mail messages. This winning mix of high speed optimized bandwidth and wireless technology has made it possible for even those in rural areas to get the connection they deserve.

High Speed Internet Packages

The wise consumer can select from a variety of package options to suit both their needs and their personal budgets. Starting at the very reasonable price of $49.99, the customer can get a bandwidth of 10GB monthly; perfect for those new explorers of the online universe. Those who go online for only the essentials--i.e., checking up on the news, sending e-mails and researching various subjects--will find much to love about this plan. And for just $30 more, you can access twice the capacity at 15GB, enabling the user to watch more movies, send more pictures, and optimize one's media-based online experience. For those whose Internet usage falls on the excessive side, the 15GB plan might be best; making it possible to use graphic-heavy sites such as Facebook and YouTube. For $129.99 per month, you get the 25GB package that offers the best of the best in our satellite internet service. The 25GB plan is best for those with families with multiple computers surfing at the same time, or for those of you who enjoy streaming movies, music and other large files. The packages we offer provide you with the same services and excellence that ViaSat always guaranteed.

Why Choose Exede

HughesNet, an alternate provider of satellite broadband service associated with Dish Network, offers similar plans but with additional rules and regulations. Usually capping at 250MB per day, using their system restricts customers from utilizing the full potential of the internet in terms of multimedia content. Satellite broadband internet is no stranger to HughesNet and if they manage to get an updated satellite system in place, they may become contenders with Viasat.

Internet from Comcast, Time Warner, Cox and more

Customers in rural areas who want cable over satellite internet are just not aware of Exede's benefits over cable's geographical restrictions. Thus they are faced with a great dilemma when trying to connect to the internet, much less surf the web without interruptions. Many people still use this form of internet as it provides quick download and upload speeds.

FiOS and Fiber. Verizon and Google.

Fiber optic cable, a light based cable, is the basis for Google's Fiber and Verizon's FiOS. These very appropriate companies are embracing the technology as they continue to spread the availability to further reaches of the US. The issue with fiber optic and any landline based internet is that it takes a long time to lay down all the cable. If you think about it, your house or apartment maybe hooked up to a cable network but it has taken decades for companies to provide the infrastructure and it has been subsidized by many companies. In this case, there are only two companies and they have every single household and business in America to hook up. It might be fast, but it also might be a while before you can see these benefits.

More Information

This new technology is now available to anyone, anywhere, since its launch in early 2012. Exede from Viasat offers the best of both worlds: a solid internet connection with satellite reliability in rural areas otherwise limited to DSL and other dial up connections. Unlike HughesNet, Exede utilizes the Ka band bandwidth which is used by satellites with high resolution, thus providing our customers with an uninterrupted connection throughout the day.

This advanced internet technology was founded just for you, to provide you with the best internet experience around. Do it all--and do it fast--with Exede Broadband Alpena, MI from TruMedia.